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Unlicensed Taxi Drivers

There are lots of unlicensed taxi drivers around the UK who are on the road illegally and are not permitted to carry passengers. You know a taxi is safe if it displays a hackney carriages badge, a taxi sign on the roof and a clear meter inside the taxi so that the passenger and driver can both see the price of the journey so far.

If anyone of these three things are not present, we recommend not travelling in that taxi. It is illegal to taxi around passengers without the correct certification or licences and illegal taxi drivers will face a fine and possible ban if they get caught.

Due to many local mini cabs being standard saloon cars, it is very easy for an unlicensed driver to pose as a legitimate taxi as it parks in and around local taxi points in order to pick up passengers.

Just because there is a taxi parked in the taxi pick up zone, does not automatically make it legitimate as many unlicensed and illegal taxi drivers around the UK will use these taxi points to their benefit, hoping to pick up passengers who think they are a real taxi. Unlicensed taxi drivers may charge you more than a legitimate hackney carriage as they need to cover themselves, should they be caught and fined.

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