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Taxi Maintenance

Taxis should be maintained to high standards at all times, and our directory hosts a whole list of taxi firms who regularly maintain their vehicles, as well as lists of useful links and information suitable for taxi owners and drivers on where and how they can maintain their taxis.

There are specific guidelines which all legitimate taxis and drivers should adhere to in order to keep their passengers, the general public and themselves safe. The regulations put in place are often very strict as most taxis deal with a large number of passengers on a daily basis, therefore must keep them as safe as possible to avoid and incidents.

Unlike normal MOTs and services on cars, taxis must be assessed much more thoroughly and adhere to strict guidelines at all times. Taxis are also checked over much more regularly than normal cars and the driver must take responsibility in checking the basics before they start work every day by checking things like oil and water levels, seat belt retraction, mirror position, windows and checks on safety components such as steps and child locks.

This is all to ensure the safety of your customers, and as long as you check these things daily, if anything does happen, you can be assured that it wasn’t through any fault of your own.

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