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Taxi Equipment

Taxi equipment can be anything from parts for payment meters, to comedy air fresheners and coloured rugs for your foot wells. This directory lists every kind of information on all kinds of taxi equipment, as well as hosting a range of links which will take you to online stores and addresses for places which stock all your needs when it comes to taxi equipment.

By far the most important pieces of taxi equipment which any taxi driver should have as a basic requirement includes a taxi metre, a top light, two way radios and navigation systems.

It is not the law that you must have all of these things present in your taxi, but they are basic necessities and will make taxi driving a much smoother and easier experience for you and your customers.

The two way radios are most useful for private hire taxis who need regular contact with the taxi office in order to get more passengers. Navigation systems are handy for taxi drivers who tend to do long distance journeys, as this may take them to a place which is unfamiliar.

The meter on the other hand is one of the most important and keep pieces of equipment for any taxi driver as it shows the driver and the customer how much the journey is going to cost depending on the mileage and amount of time spent travelling.

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