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Taxi Driver Protection

As well as maintaining the taxi to protect customers, the taxi driver also needs protection during the hours they work, as they will be travelling through many different areas and will never know where their taxi may end up travelling from one day to the next.

The variety of passengers the driver will carry may cause a threat and some of the areas that the taxi driver encounters on the job may also be dangerous.

Our directory is full of useful and valuable knowledge on how taxi drivers can keep themselves safe whilst out on their travels and dealing with passengers. There are also links up to guide you to places where there may be further relevant information for you and places where you can purchase safety features for your taxi.

The safest type of taxi around is usually the traditional “black cab”. This is due to the large thick plastic screen separating the driver from the passengers, with only a small hole big enough to exchange cash and receipts. This lowers the level of danger that the driver would be in if there were to be a kick off at any point with any passengers.

Some taxis also have an auto locking system, which locks all the doors when the vehicle is stationary at traffic lights, has pulled over or stopped at the end of the journey.

This is often put in place to prevent passengers from running away in order to avoid being charged for the fare as this is often common and can mean a loss of cash for the taxi driver if the passenger manages to get away.

Some other safety features often found in taxi cabs include security cameras, linked to the taxi base where the operator can see any kick offs or altercations. Lots of taxis also have a panic button under the dash which they can press in case of an emergency. In these cases, the taxi office will be notified who will then take further action and call the police.

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