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Taxi Driver Job Description

Working as a taxi driver can be a time consuming yet rewarding job. A taxi driver should provide a friendly and professional service to all their customers. They must be able to start conversations easily and depending on the area they learn to drive a taxi in, they may have to pass a local knowledge exam on areas and destinations.

In London, this test is often much harder as there are many areas and busy places you will need to know about and applicants can sometimes take 3 years to revise all the knowledge of the area.

Taxi drivers must have a lively character at all times and be polite and helpful to their customers at all times, helping them with bags into the boot and the folding down of prams and wheel chairs when necessary.

When starting out in the world of taxi driving, you must be at least 21 years old and have a clean license for at least 3 years. No qualifications are required but basic social skills and a clean driving licence are the only things you will need at first.

Lots of local authorities like new taxi drivers to take a test on your local knowledge of areas to ensure that you can offer your customers a fast and efficient service when you get on the road.

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