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Self Employed Taxi drivers

This directory hosts all kinds of information of self employed taxi drivers. Whether you are a driver who wants to know about going self employed, or whether you are a passenger seeking taxi services from a self employed driver, you will find all the information and useful links you will need right here at

Our lists of self employed taxi drivers all have great reviews and are guaranteed to be fully insured, licensed and legitimate in all areas of taxi driving for your peace of mind and comfort.

If you are looking to become a self employed taxi driver, now is a great time as the taxi companies around the UK are now bigger than ever. First you will need your own operating centre, which can be your home if you prefer or any building which complies with health and safety guidelines, bearing in mind that your local authority will visit occasionally to check that your “operating centre” is complying with the latest guidelines regarding health and safety.

You will also need to make sure you have the relevant insurance. If you are employing other drivers with cars, you will be held partly responsible to make sure that your fleet of cars and drivers also have the relevant insurance and are regularly checking over their cars for safety reasons.

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