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Get a PRIORITY listing for your business

Due to huge demand; we are happy to announce that we can offer a new service that gets your listing to the top of your desired area. The service gives you the facility to add your website address and a 150 word descriiption of your business on your listing. The new listing also gives you a Facebook like button so people who view your listing can share your contact details to their friends on Facebook.

Priority listings not only place your company at the head of the page within the TOP 3 companies in a particular category, but also include a link to your very own profile page over the 12 month subscription period.

This service is restricted. We will only allow 3 priority listings per area. THEY ARE SELLING FAST !!!

Example Priority Listing:

priority taxi firm listing

As you can see from the image the priority listing gives more information about the business and it is placed at the top of your area; thus giving you far more exposure and will give you the best possible chance of being contacted as your listing will be first business displayed.

If you would like to purchase a priority taxi listing please contact us on: 0843 2273570 and quote ref: #taxi to discuss how you can be top of your town (and stay there) TODAY !!!

To see a real priority listing in action go to: Lancster

You also recieve a dedicated page that dispays your full description and a Facbook like button and a facility to get recomendations via a comment form. To see more go to: 848848 taxis

Amendments to existing Priority Listings

If you already have a priority listing and wish to change any of the details then please call us on 0843 2273570 or email and we will make the necessary changes for you.

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