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London Taxis

Taxi is the most popular method of travel in most big cities like London, as bust traffic and congested streets means that taxis are often a much quicker option as they even have their own lane in some areas on London.

Our directory holds a variety of diverse knowledge on all types of taxi and we also specialise in listing the best London taxi companies to ensure you have a safe and reassuring journey. We list taxis of all kinds from standard taxi cars, to black cabs, people carriers and specially adapted disability access taxis for those who have limited mobility or are using a wheel chair or have a pram.

Before adding a taxi company to our directory, we will always insure they are fully legitimate and have all the right licensing etc for your peace of mind and to ensure that anybody can find a safe taxi journey in London and the surrounding areas.

We also check that the taxi drivers who are listed in our directory are knowledgeable when it comes to popular taxi destinations such as London’s squares, hospitals, schools, hotels, parks, stations, historic buildings and theatres so that you do not waste your fare money on a taxi that’s driving round in lost circles.

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