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History of Taxi Groups

Throughout the world there are many different types of taxi groups in different areas, for example, New York is famous for its yellow cabs, as they populate New York more than any other type of car on the road. There are also black taxi cabs which are typical in London and are usually hackney carriages.

Hackney Carriages were the first ever UK based taxi firm and started up in the 17th century, they are still the biggest taxi company in the UK today.

Though to most people, taxis are simply a form of public transport, they have become iconic elements to their countries through recognition.

Taxi companies have been running in many countries for many years and places like India have different forms of taxi such as rickshaws and three wheeled trikes, mostly due to the culture difference and hot weather.

In some countries it is common to find a taxi full of people who don’t know each other and have all just jumped in if they are going to close by destinations.

Usually in the UK, a taxi is a form of public transport which you do not have to share and it is uncommon to find random people travelling together in a taxi in the UK as people tend to travel alone, with families, friends and people who are going to the same destination together.

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