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Finding a taxi

This directory is full of useful information on finding all kinds of taxis in all kinds of places, whether it be a town in the UK which you are unfamiliar with, or a foreign country, we have appropriate honest advice and guidance on how to find a taxi to suit your situation and needs where ever you are in the world.

As well as listing the different places where you can catch or book a taxi, we also list the companies who specialise in specific types of taxi journeys, for example air port runs, hotel runs and specialist disability travel.

The reason we have made this directory is so that where ever and whenever you need a taxi, we will be able to offer you a selection of all the UKs registered taxi drivers.

We know that often when you really need a taxi, they all seem to disappear off the face of the earth, this then caused us to notice that when this happens, 1000s of people in the world each year are forced to use unlicensed illegal taxi cabs which often means you will be charged more for their services. Because of this, we only ever register licensed and fully legitimate taxi drivers with us.

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