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Becoming a Taxi Driver

Our directory holds a whole host of useful information and links on how you can become a taxi driver. We have indexed all the relevant companies within the UK that can assist you in getting on the road in your very own taxi.

There are two types of taxi vehicles currently in operation around the UK and these are licence hackney carriages and private licensed hire vehicles.

Licensed hackney carriages are the most common type of taxi and can pick up passengers from the street as well as picking up passengers from outside the taxi office.

Licensed private hire taxis can only pick up passengers which have pre booked the taxi through a taxi office, who will then receive a cut of the fair. These type of taxis are often used to pre book journeys after nights out, for trips out and airport and hotel runs.

Whichever type of taxi you wish to start driving, our directory hosts all the relevant information you will need to begin your taxing journeys, from specialist taxi insurance brokers, to hints and tips for getting the best out of your taxi. All taxi drivers must enquire to their local authority for information on getting the relevant paper work to start taxi driving as this can vary from area to area.

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